Jorge Paulo Lemann’s Thoughts on Failure

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Jorge Paulo Lemann is the quintessential intelligent fanatic. He founded Garantia in 1971 and built it from scratch into the best investment bank in Brazil. Along the way, he and his partners developed a management system and talent pipeline that is one of a kind. Warren Buffett said he has not seen a better management system, ever.

I would say this, I don’t think I’ve ever seen a better developed management group than the one that Jorge Paulo Lemann has developed over the years in Brazil, and he is an incredible guy.Warren Buffett
Jorge Paulo and other 3G partners have turned around large failing businesses, with known brands, into highly successful enterprises with their system. Today they are known for operating and turning around Heinz, Kraft, Burger King and Tim Hortons through their private equity firm 3G Capital. Jorge Paulo and his partners also own and operate the world’s largest and most efficient brewer AB InBev.

While Ian and I were researching for the Intelligent Fanatics Project book, we translated and referenced the following video. In it, Jorge Paulo Lemann describes his unique background, failures he has encountered and wisdom he has gained from those experiences. He reminds us that success is never a straight line. Success is full of ups and downs.

If you want to learn more about Jorge Paulo Lemann and 3G partners’ management system, read the Intelligent Fanatics Project book.

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