Building Intelligent Fanatic Intuition

If success is preparation meets opportunity, then how can investors be prepared to find great business leaders before they are “great”? In other words, how do we deliberately refine our ability to find intelligent fanatics of today and tomorrow?

It’s our belief that with the right amount of preparation, investors can find fanatics ex-ante.

In this presentation I provide a case for our intuitive mind and how investors can deliberately practice building their intelligent fanatic intuition.


[1:25] – What is Intuition?

[3:25] – The Case for Intuition

[6:50] – Biases and Why Some are Beneficial

[9:36] – Harnessing Intuition with Investing and Spotting Intelligent Fanatics

[11:00] – Analogy – Ancient Polynesian Navigators

[15:03] – Mastery – Building Intelligent Fanatic Intuition

[15:49] – Example – Jazz Improvisation

[17:50] – Studying Investment Masters

[18:15] – Studying Venture Capitalists and Private Equity

[19:49] – Leverage Experience of Others

[22:51] – Dots Can Be Connected

[28:09] – Conclusion

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