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Our mission is to help you stand on the shoulders of these giants of industry and ability, so you too can achieve your business, investing, and life goals.

in*tel*li*gent fa*na*tic /inˈteləjənt fəˈnadik/ – n (orig. from Charlie Munger)Founder, CEO or management team with unconventional ideas and fanatical drive to build a high-performance organization. A learning machine that can quickly adapt to change. Able to create a trust based culture that aligns everyone to think like owners. Focused on acquiring, training, and retaining the best talent. Their time horizon is in 10 year increments, not quarterly, and they invest in their business accordingly. They own large pieces of their business. Regardless of the industry, they are able to create an impenetrable moat that competitors fear.

We have all heard of intelligent fanatics like Steve Jobs, Jeff Bezos, Walt Disney, and others but there are hundreds, if not thousands, of unknown intelligent fanatics. Have you heard of John Patterson, Simon Marks, Les Schwab, Sol Price, Hank Rowan, or Chester Cadieux? I doubt it. These individuals built high performance organizations that dominated their markets for decades.

In our first two books, we highlight 17 unknown intelligent fanatics that operated in different industries, continents, and time periods. Perhaps the most fascinating thing we encountered was even though they were all quite different, their business philosophies were relatively similar. There was a blueprint for success.

Through our books, case studies, online courses, and active research community we hope to share invaluable intelligent fanatic lessons and principles. You get all of this for free when you become a member. Our hope is to elevate investors, entrepreneurs and leaders onto the shoulders of intelligent fanatic giants in any field to allow them to see further.

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A little bit about Our Team

Ian Cassel - Co-Founder - @iancassel
Ian is a full-time microcap investor and founder of MicroCapClub.com. Ian co-founded IntelligentFanatics.com to help him fine-tune his qualitative lens for finding and investing in exceptional leaders.

Sean Iddings - Co-Founder - @iddings_sean
Sean is co-founder of Intelligent Fanatics. He writes about investments, entrepreneurship, and leadership on a number of blogs and publications.

Carl Moebis - Bohemian Polymath - @moebis
A technology enthusiast, creative digital media marketer and curiosity seeker since photons first gathered on his retinae.

Rohith Potti - Analyst
Rohith is based out of India and began his journey into the world of investing under Prof Bakshi at MDI. He started investing full-time in 2016 and currently manages his family money.

Pooja Bhula - Analyst - @poojabhula
Pooja is a journalist from India, who writes on a range of subjects from business and culture to social issues and lifestyle trends for reputed print and digital publications. A newbie investor, she only manages her own money.

Akshada Deo - Contributor - @AkshadaDeo1
I manage the long term portfolio of a family office.

Blas Moros - Contributor - blas.com
Blas graduated from the University of Notre Dame in May of 2013 with a BA in Finance. In his senior year, he was captain of the tennis team and was awarded the Arthur Ashe Leadership and Sportsmanship Award. He spent two years in financial consulting at EY, later moving to Notre Dame’s Investment Office, one of the premier endowments in the country with over $13 billion under management.

Kevin Martelli - Contributor - @KevMartelli
Kevin is a founder of Martek Partners, advisory company based in Lausanne (Switzerland). Avid reader and passionate about entrepreneurship, technology and business in general.

Sanjay Bakshi - Advisor - @sanjay__bakshi
Opinionated professor in his virtual classroom.

Brent Beshore - Advisor - @BrentBeshore
CEO and founder of adventur.es where he leads the firm, and more specifically the acquisition and diligence teams, while supporting portfolio company operators.

John Swallow - Advisor - @NewJerseyMining
CEO and President at New Jersey Mining Company where he has experience in the local mineral exploration industry as well as extensive knowledge of the junior equity markets.