Intelligent Fanatics are the world’s greatest business builders. They create companies and organizations that dominate and stand the test of time. Charlie Munger was the first person to use the term Intelligent Fanatic. He described them as possessing business talents that allow them to do things that ordinary skilled mortals can’t.
Our mission is to help you stand on the shoulders of these giants of industry and ability, so you too can achieve your business, investing, and life goals.


in*tel*li*gent fa*na*tic /inˈteləjənt fəˈnadik/ – n (orig. from Charlie Munger)

Founder, CEO or management team with unconventional ideas and fanatical drive to build a high-performance organization. A learning machine that can quickly adapt to change. Able to create a trust based culture that aligns everyone to think like owners. Focused on acquiring, training, and retaining the best talent. Their time horizon is in 10 year increments, not quarterly, and they invest in their business accordingly. They own large pieces of their business. Regardless of the industry, they are able to create an impenetrable moat that competitors fear.

We have all heard of intelligent fanatics like Steve Jobs, Jeff Bezos, Walt Disney, and others but there are hundreds, if not thousands, of unknown intelligent fanatics. Have you heard of John Patterson, Simon Marks, Les Schwab, Sol Price, Hank Rowan, or Chester Cadieux? I doubt it. These individuals built high performance organizations that dominated their markets for decades.


In our first two books, we highlight 17 unknown intelligent fanatics that operated in different industries, continents, and time periods. Perhaps the most fascinating thing we encountered was even though they were all quite different, their business philosophies were relatively similar. There was a blueprint for success.

Through our books and ongoing research, we look to share the simple, yet invaluable intelligent fanatic principles that we uncover. Our hope is to elevate investors, entrepreneurs and leaders onto the shoulders of intelligent fanatic giants to allow them to see further.


A Little Bit About Our Team

Rohith Potti

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