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Charlie Munger referred to these people as Intelligent Fanatics. He mentioned several in his speeches. 

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Intelligent Fanatics dominate their field and build enduring organizations. Over the past few years we have studied hundreds of intelligent fanatics past and present. We now want to help you learn from them so you can accomplish your goals. Through our books, model studies, online courses, and active research community we hope to share invaluable intelligent fanatic lessons and principles. When you become a member you gain access to our growing library of intelligent fanatic content.

About Our Team

Ian is a full-time microcap investor. He is the founder of MicroCapClub.com and Intelligent Fanatics Capital Management. Ian co-founded IntelligentFanatics.com to help him fine-tune his qualitative lens for finding and investing in exceptional leaders.

Sean is co-founder of Intelligent Fanatics. He writes about investments, entrepreneurship, and leadership on a number of blogs and publications.

CARL MOEBISBohemian Polymath
A bohemian polymath, technology enthusiast, creative digital media marketer and curiosity seeker since photons first gathered on his retinae.

Rohith is based out of India and began his journey into the world of investing under Prof Bakshi at MDI. He started investing full-time in 2016 and currently manages his family money.

Pooja is a journalist from India, who writes on a range of subjects from business and culture to social issues and lifestyle trends for reputed print and digital publications. A newbie investor, she only manages her own money.

@akshadadeo1Akshada manages the long term portfolio of investments for a family office.

BLAS MOROSContributor
Blas graduated from the University of Notre Dame with a BA in Finance, later moving to Notre Dame’s Investment Office, one of the premier endowments in the country with over $13 billion under management.

Contributor@kevmartelliKevin is a founder of Martek Partners, advisory company based in Lausanne (Switzerland). Avid reader and passionate about entrepreneurship, technology and business in general.

Emanuel is a decision-making Psychologist for a research firm in the Washington DC area who studies how people think, uncovering core reasons for leader decisions and crowd madness in various domains.

UDAI CHEEMAContributor
Udai is an Orthopaedic Surgeon with a deep-rooted passion for equity investing. He is in pursuit of refining his process.

Her book, "Early Bird: The Power of Investing Young", published in the fall of 2017. It has been featured in Barron’s, U.S. News, and more. Maya was an invited speaker at Ensemble Capital, Google's lunch and learn program with their VIC, Markel's Jitney group, and schools across the USA.

Advisor@brentbeshoreCEO and founder of adventur.es where he leads the firm, and more specifically the acquisition and diligence teams, while supporting portfolio company operators.

Riley can usually be found reading, thinking, writing, walking or talking around Vancouver, Canada. He is an aspiring Intelligent Fanatic and has lots of work to do before he can help others become one, too.

Rob is an independent value investor based in NYC who is always on the hunt for new and helpful data. He also runs his own IT company, but his passion is investing.

Opinionated professor in his virtual classroom training an entire generation of Indians in lessons learned from greats in business and finance.

CEO and President at New Jersey Mining Company where he has experience in the local mineral exploration industry as well as extensive knowledge of the junior equity markets.