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Intelligent Fanatics: Standing on the Shoulders of Giants (2017)

Intelligent Fanatics are the world’s greatest business builders. They create companies and organizations that dominate and stand the test of time. Charlie Munger was the first person to use the term Intelligent Fanatic. He described them as possessing business talents that allow them to do things that ordinary skilled mortals can’t.

In this book, we highlight nine under-the-radar intelligent fanatics:

1. Henry Wellcome – Burroughs Wellcome & Company
2. Clessie Cummins & Irwin Family – Cummins Engine Company
3. Peter Kiewit – Peter Kiewit Sons’, Inc
4. Roger Milliken – Milliken & Company
5. Hank Rowan – Inductotherm Corporation
6. Jack Henry & Jerry Hall – Jack Henry & Associates
7. Harold & Dan Leever – MacDermid Inc.
8. Bob Johnson – Black Entertainment Television
9. Devi Shetty – Narayana Health

Intelligent Fanatics Project: How Great Leaders Build Sustainable Businesses (2016)

Intelligent Fanatics Project seeks to uncover the blueprint for sustainable business success and domination. In this book, we highlight the backgrounds and business strategies of several intelligent fanatics, including those of which Charlie Munger mentions in his writings and speeches.

It’s hard to become a market leader. It’s even harder to dominate your niche or industry for decades. The intelligent fanatics in this book operated their companies for 37 years on average, and produced 25% compounded annual returns for their shareholders on average.

How did they do this?

Whether you are an investor, business owner, aspiring entrepreneur, or just mildly interested in business, this book is for you.

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