Building Intelligent Fanatic Intuition

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If success is preparation meets opportunity, then how can investors be prepared to find great business leaders before they are “great”? In other words, how do we deliberately refine our ability to find intelligent fanatics of today and tomorrow? It’s our belief that with the right amount of preparation, investors can find fanatics ex-ante. In this presentation I provide a … Read More

It’s More Than Buy, Squeeze & Repeat With 3G Capital

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Today, Anheuser-Busch InBev (AB-InBev Ticker: BUD) is the world’s largest brewer with nearly 30% market share. It all started back in 1989 when the 3G partners took control of Brahma, Brazil’s number two brewer. More people are starting to talk about 3G Capital and their owned companies. Unfortunately, the press misses a few important parts of their system. There is … Read More

Jorge Paulo Lemann’s Thoughts on Failure

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Jorge Paulo Lemann is the quintessential intelligent fanatic. He founded Garantia in 1971 and built it from scratch into the best investment bank in Brazil. Along the way, he and his partners developed a management system and talent pipeline that is one of a kind. Warren Buffett said he has not seen a better management system, ever. Jorge Paulo and … Read More

No Shortcuts to Long-Term Business Success

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Investing and business success takes time. Cutting corners might provide great results in the short term but it eventually backfires. In this episode we explore a few companies who took shortcuts to build their business. Harold Geneen of ITT and Michael Pearson of Valeant rhymed a similar tune and met a similar demise. Intelligent fanatic Henry Singleton’s acquisition spree was … Read More