Case Study – Ernest Henderson


We are honored to have Mitzi Perdue, widow of Frank Perdue, write this case study about her father, Ernest Henderson, co-founder of Sheraton Hotels.

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Ernest Henderson (March 7, 1897 – Sept 6, 1967) and Robert L. Moore (Jan 12, 1896 – Apr 3, 1986) founded Sheraton Corporation in 1937. Both men had zero experience in the hotel industry; they were entrepreneurs who turned $1,000 into millions in foreign exchange and importing German binoculars after WWI, manufacturing/selling radios and then picking up real estate during the Great Depression. Their fresh approach to the hotel business helped Sheraton grow from one hotel into 164. In this case study, a detailed Henderson/Sheraton timeline is provided Sheraton Stock & Financial Data, and numerous stories by Ernest Henderson’s daughter Mitzi Perdue.

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