Intelligent Fanatics: Standing on the Shoulders of Giants


Our goal is to help you see further. With the right amount of effort and creativity you too will have the ability to keep up with the fast “tempo” of business, adapt with the quickly changing “harmony”, or moving trends, and make it all look effortless.

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Intelligent Fanatics are the world’s greatest business builders. They create companies and organizations that dominate and stand the test of time. Charlie Munger was the first person to use the term Intelligent Fanatic. He described them as possessing business talents that allow them to do things that ordinary skilled mortals can’t.

In this book, we highlight nine under-the-radar intelligent fanatics:

  1. Henry Wellcome – Burroughs Wellcome & Company
  2. Clessie Cummins & Irwin Family – Cummins Engine Company
  3. Peter Kiewit – Peter Kiewit Sons’, Inc
  4. Roger Milliken – Milliken & Company
  5. Hank Rowan – Inductotherm Corporation
  6. Jack Henry & Jerry Hall – Jack Henry & Associates
  7. Harold & Dan Leever – MacDermid Inc.
  8. Bob Johnson – Black Entertainment Television
  9. Devi Shetty – Narayana Health

In each chapter, we tell the story of each intelligent fanatic and contrast their leadership styles and strategies against competitors during the time period. We then expand on our intelligent fanatic model and provide detail so that you, too, can stand on the shoulders of giants to see further.

We want to thank Professor Sanjay Bakshi who wrote the foreword to this book and has been a great inspiration for our research, community, and brand.

Delivered in: PDF (EPUB and MOBI formats available upon request)

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