in*tel*li*gent fa*na*tic /inˈteləjənt fəˈnadik/ – n (orig. from Charlie Munger) 1 CEO or management team with large ideas and fanatical drive to build their moat. Willing and able to think and act unconventionally. A learning machine that adapts to constant change. Focused on acquiring the best talent. Able to create a sustainable corporate culture and incentivize their operations for continual progress. Their time horizon is in five- or ten-year increments, not quarterly, and they invest in their businesses accordingly. They own large portions of their business. Regardless of the industry, they are able to create a moat that competitors fear. 2 Outsider CEO or management team with these qualities, though they may differ in how they build their businesses. They possess a large focus on reinvesting dollars by purchasing outstanding businesses and the ability to allocate capital in the public markets (see Warren Buffett, John Malone, Henry Singleton, and others).

How does a great company sustain and grow profits for decades? Many people are familiar with Warren Buffett’s analogy of a moat: various defenses to thwart competition. But moats are fleeting; they are here today and gone tomorrow.

The more important question is, Who builds and maintains moats?
Intelligent fanatics do. These leaders build high-performance organizations that can dominate for decades. Charlie Munger would say these individuals possess business talents that allow them to do things that mere mortals can’t.

But Munger only spoke about intelligent fanatics in passing.

We weren’t satisfied.

Who were these intelligent fanatics? How did they think? What were their backgrounds? Are there common characteristics and traits amongst them and their organizations?

We set off to find out for ourselves. We devoured every book, article, video and source we could find on those Munger has mentioned as intelligent fanatics and other quality leaders. This led to the creation of the Intelligent Fanatics Project book.


But this book is only the tip of the iceberg and is just the start of the Intelligent Fanatics Project.

There are thousands of intelligent fanatic stories and businesses to learn from. We will not restrict ourselves to only business successes, but also failures.

Our hope is to elevate investors, entrepreneurs and leaders onto the shoulders of intelligent fanatic giants to allow them to see further.